Pastel Blizzard - MXZ127
Pastel Blizzard - MXZ127Pastel Blizzard - MXZ127Pastel Blizzard - MXZ127

These fun mixes will include a combination of Sprinkletz polymer clay pieces, Popz acrylic round embellishments, Crystals iridescent flat black gems, brilliant iridescent PVC plastic shaped confetti sequins and other complimentary embellishments. 

Choose from 15 unique assortments.

Sold in multiples of 3. 


PASTEL BLIZZARD Mix Upz offer a combination of polymer clay pieces, iridescent flat back Jewelz, clear iridescent faceted gems and matching round acrylic Popz.  All ingredients coordinate perfectly together. 




Content: Includes one full tablespoon of craft embellishments.


  • High quality resin Jewelz that offer a lusturous shine
  • Acrylic Popz - round embellishments that color coordinate with the mix
  • Polymer clay Sprinkletz in traditional Christmas colors


  • Add a decorative, finishing touch for cards, shaker crafts and other projects
  • Use on jewelry, clothing, accessories, cell phone cases
  • Nail art
  • Easily glue onto most surfaces
  • Use as filler in any shaker projuect

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